Some general health advice

As we start with our first article ever, you should know that there is no one fits all guide on how to be healthy.

Different bodies respond differently to stimuli and therefore we can talk only about the things that can be mostly generalised.

In my entire life I have found out that no matter where you are from or what you do, you should do some kind of sport or weight training. If your job is physically demanding you already have this solved, so no worry for that.

Training your muscles regularly will ensure they don’t atrophy and are capable of sustaining effort if necessary.

Not only this but also your cardiovascular system will get a huge boost, especially after doing some cardio exercises.

What about nutrition

We have some friends at, a site that can help you with all sorts of health problems and give you advices from fitness to diets. If you ever wonder about something and don’t find it with us then follow them.

Bad nutrition in general is mostly the cause for health problems.I know there are cases where people who ate correctly get cancer seemingly out of nowhere but this type of thinking is wrong.

By eating correctly you will improve your life significantly and increase your life expectancy even if you are genetically predisposed to various diseases.

It is good to follow some routines of your own, like every morning to drink a glass of water before doing anything. This will restore the hydration balance of your organism and you will feel energized for the entire day.

With this water, I usually prefer to take one multivitamin as it gets me some of the necessary micronutrients for the day.

You also need to be watching obesity, as it is a really big problem that comes with a lot of conditions and diseases.

To start loosing weight you should slowly reduce the number of calories until you get to a low enough amount that your body can still function properly on.

Don’t cut back on calories suddenly as your fat won’t go away but rather your body will get shocked and keep that fat even more.




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